Heart of Tuscany

Settling into a slower lifestyle here, I find myself fermenting images the way they do grapes. Rather than rushing around like a banshee with a plein air paint brush, I am letting images distill in my memory.

Some sink to the bottom, others float. Of the floaters, when I begin to taste one by memory, it’s time to paint. I napped for three days waiting. This is one that floated.

Heart of Tuscany
Val d’Orcia, oil, 11 x 14

Val d’Orcia is know as the heart of Tuscany. Sprawling expansive hills spread out as far as one can see, serpentine threads of cypress . A dream woke me to the realization that my painting is centered on color, abstract shapes juxtaposed.

This image’s abstract geometric structure seemed the perfect  opportunity to divorce myself from the responsibility of rendering a realistic landscape. Engaged in an invigorating game, color play like a game of checkers. If the sky is lavender the field is yellow, its compliment.

Within that, brilliant translucent yellow counters warm pinks. Lime green glows in the shadows against the same translucent warm yellow.  The game continues.

Warm purples counter warm yellow lights between the line of trees. Depth and playful light go hand in hand. Deep cool green shadows counter-balance tall cypress. Stop before freshness disappears.

I rather like that I think I see a human form in the landscape. Arms outstretched, legs and feet standing ~ or lying out in the landscape. That would be me.

Daily Paintings ~100@100

Down the street from my villa, this grand palace perches atop Poggio alla Croce. It’s Roman arches frame views of Figline to the east and Florence to the west. The turquoise sky presents a brilliant counterpoint to it’s earth Tuscan Yellow.

daily paintings
“Villa Alla Croce”, 5″ x 7″ , Oil on Resin Panel, Unframed, $100

Daily Paintings

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Muses of Tuscany – Ready to join Dorothy in Greves!

Buon mattina all,

I am the muse, Thalia, meant to insegnare duro lavorare Dorothy to riposare, liberare and ridere. It’s hard work but I am just the muse for the job.

Am busily packing for departure tomorrow, arriving in Florence on Wednesday 8/23. Dorothy asked for a couple of art related items and ice cube trays!!! For the life of me I can’t figure out why you need ice in Chianti.  =O  But all were easy to procure and pack and I can’t wait to pick up on the merriment that Chincia so ably started.

Get ready Jim and Dorothy. E un vero divertimento! Fino Mercoledi a mezzogiorno fuori Amerigo Vespucci Aeroporto in Firenze!

Cin cin ~ Thalia