Il Campanile ~The Bell Tower

The first muse arrived without baggage. Light as a feather, she flew in via Firenze. Not affected by jet lag, a mere 45 minute nap and she was eager to rock and roll.

Her painting gear and a change of clothes arrived later in the afternoon. While she was off retrieving it, I painted a memory piece from earlier in the day. Three days of painting pastel colors from my balcony, I used the same palette.

Working from memory, the design of this painting crystallized quickly. I had sketched it with pencil while driving on the A1 route from Firenze. This method made capturing only the essential elements easier than setting up an easel on site. Memory is a wonderful editor.

oil painting in Tuscany Il Campanile (The Bell Tower), oil, 8 x 10

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Sunrise Plein Air Tuscany

When the rooster crowed this morning, my easel was still on the balcony from last night.  The light had changed dramatically. Soft delicate morning light made the same view entirely different.

plein air tuscany
Prima Luce (First Light), plein air oil, 7 x 14

I knew the light would change quickly. Shower and coffee can wait. I painted in pajamas. By the time Jim woke, I had two small paintings in hand.

plein air tuscany
Poggio Vigneto (Hillside Vineyard), plein air oil, 5 x 7″

Arriving on Sunday, we had’t been able to stock the pantry. We left the paintings to dry and made haste for the co-op.

Plein air Tuscany



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