You’re More Creative than You Think!

Creativity is not airy fairy, all dreams and no action.

Creativity is not a starving artist. (A starving artist is disconnected from the Creative Source at some level. I know because I was one.)

Creativity is not a switch that turns off and on, right brain or left brain.

“Creativity is not a switch that turns off and on~ it’s a natural life-giving, divine process that ALL PEOPLE possess. How you use it is up to you!”

hand painted silk jacket

As an artist, writer, speaker, and entrepreneur, I guide people in living fully creative lives. I have created Joy’s Garden to make inspiration for creative living available to anyone who desires it.

My artwork has inspired people in hospitals, museums, universities and homes on five continents. Now my inspirational art and stories can show more people exactly how the Creator works through them with books, posters and wall decals, prints and murals. Worldwide shipping by my team in Austin, Texas enables me to continue writing, painting, and sharing stories with you on this blog!

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“I am thrilled to unveil the Joy’s Garden website! So many people have offered their contributions, ideas, and encouragement. I feel so grateful to have received such tremendous support.”

As I have traveled throughout the US and to Europe and experienced the power of art to connect heart to heart, without words ~ my Light shines brighter the more I write and speak about my art.

In Provence, I had a vision about “Cascading Dreams” that inspired this painting. Unclear about what it meant, I used intuition to flex my Faith muscle. This process of working with the Creator enabled me to complete the painting series, two books, publish my blog and the Joy’s Garden website.

Lavande Magic, Dorothy Fagan
Lavande Magic, oil on canvas, 36″ x 48″

My experience showed me that creativity is NOT AT ALL what we’ve been led to believe. This painting called Lavande Magic, inspired by the lavender fields of Provence, tells my story of Discovering Joy’s Garden. I invite you to download a copy and discover it for yourself.

People are blown away by my website and all that I do because I fly in the face of societal expectations of artists. Creativity is not a starving artist. (A starving artist is disconnected from the Creative Source at some level. I know because I was one.) Creativity is not airy fairy, all dreams and no action. Creativity is not a switch that turns off and on, right brain or left brain.

“Creativity is a natural life-giving divine process that all people possess. How you use it or whether you block it is up to you!”

My creative strategy is based on intuition and cultivating Faith ~ translating dreams, art, and day-to-day happenstance into tangible, useful actions. While everyone else is asking about the time, energy, and experience it takes to create something ~ they express amazement at how I do so much in so little time!

“Letting the Creator work through you is really just a matter of being open.”

I invite you to check out my art.

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Change the World? Who Me? Yes, You!

Why is it that THE thing you think you aren’t EVER going to do ~ is the ONE thing that will transform EVERYTHING???

I had given this painting up for lost. I’d abandoned her completely!!!

I found her the other day rolled up in a dark corner of my studio. The face of her was black. You heard me right, the center of the painting was painted in such dark colors, you couldn’t see the fields and farms at all.

Joys Garden Dorothy Fagan
Joy’s Garden, oil on canvas, 36″x 48″

No, sorry I don’t have a “before picture.” She was too ugly to photograph.

So why does it make a difference anyway?

When I finished painting her (and that’s another story of it’s own), I couldn’t think of a title. NOPE! Nada.

I tried again the next day. Still Nothing. I was totally blank.

On a whim, I went to the easel and flipped back the corner of the canvas to see if there was a title written there.

I couldn’t believe what was written, in my own handwriting, there it was plain as day staring me in the face ~ Joy’s Garden.”

I had to stop and catch my breath. It took me a couple days to get my bearings. I tried to recall when I had first started the painting. I drew a blank there too. No wonder I’ve had vertigo.

I really only remembered the day I rolled her up and put her away. I had messed up what I thought was a pretty good painting, then blown her off by painting the dark colors. I didn’t think it mattered. You know, who cares?

True Confession

Well, I could say the same about myself. But I won’t! I’m done throwing dark colors around willy nilly. Dark colors are just like that one pencil dot on a clean white piece of paper. We focus on that one spot and waste all the Light in the world trying to erase one small dot.

My mom used to call me “Dot.” “Dotsie,” actually. No one else EVER called me that so don’t get any ideas. I am NOT that spot. Spot’s a dog.

So what got me working on a painting (and a dream) I had thrown away?

A friend came to the studio to pick out some paintings for his house. Looking for perfect paintings for him, this one showed her face. I felt embarrassed to see her and quickly flipped passed her in the pile.


After he left I put her up on the easel, turned up the music and squeezed out the paint.

The easel is a pedestal where I can see her in the Light. I can listen with an open mind to what the Creator has to say about her. Sign up for my note about what inspired this painting. It might transform your world too. You’ll never know if you don’t read the story. ummmmm.

There’s a clue in this story about what inspires an artist. Do you see it? Leave your thoughts, guesses, comments. Then subscribe to read the other story and see if you found the clue.

Is Cobalt Violet Missing from YOUR Life?

It was missing from mine!

It all began in the lavender fields.

It was four years ago when I went to France to paint them. I had no idea that lavender would have such a powerful force. In fact in Provence, I found the color and fragrance of lavender quite illusive.

Yet it started my dreams cascading

Joys Garden Dorothy Fagan
Joy’s Garden, oil on canvas, 36 x 48″, Click image to shop

Joy’s Garden

Yet here it is. Joy’s Garden is in my studio larger than life. I didn’t know the title of it. I looked on the back of the canvas yesterday to discover I had written it there a year ago.

I’d found the painting rolled up last week, unfinished. I wondered if I would be able to rescue it? That’s when I had the dream about lavender.

fleurs Dorothy Fagan
Fleurs, oil on canvas, 12″ x 9″ Click image to shop


Fleurs was sitting on the chair by the easel begging to have it’s shadows lightened, just a tad. “Great,” I thought, “a small one to test this notion about warm lavender.”

Still sipping my coffee, I squeezed out some Rubine Lake and mixed it with Cyclamen. Adjusting it cooler and warmer, I painted it in under the shadows of the leaves. Then suddenly the sky demanded Turquoise.

Wow! It glows!

In the meantime a painting from my Cascading Dreams Series sold. We crated it up and sent it to a new home in California. In the process, other unfinished Cascading Dreams paintings found their way into the studio again.

“mmmmm,” I wondered. “Where is this going? Something must be up.”

Cascading Dreams

Cascading Dreams Dorothy Fagan
Cascading Dreams II, oil on canvas, 36″ x 24″  Click image to shop

Cascading Dreams II was already on the easel. I noticed that same lavender, warm and cool, beginning to show it’s face.  My dream pointed to the warm reddish lavender, Cobalt Violet as it moves into deep cool red.

Danza del Tramonto

Dancing in the Sunset

Danza del Tramonto (Sunset Dance)
Danza del Tramonto (Sunset Dance), oil on canvas, 30″ x 24″  Click image to shop

After testing the color on Fleurs, I put Danza back on the easel. I scraped out layers of paint and sanded the painting down to it’s shadows. Beginning with the deep violet trees in the foreground, I painted in the new color relationships.

Wow! I LOVE the sparkling colors! The deep teals, lush meadow greens, and the warmth and verve feel wonderfully invigorating.

The Phoenix

dream landscape Dorothy Fagan
The Phoenix, oil on linen, 11″ x 14″  Click image to shop

A small painting I had begun in France was sitting on the chair nearby. I had repainted it several times since returning home. The palette feels so close, yet not quite as grounded.

Airy and light, it feels like flying!

The Villa

The Villa Dorothy Fagan
The Villa, oil on canvas, 24″ x 30″  Click image to shop

On the wall above it hung this painting of The Villa. Nearly finished, I felt the same ethereal quality and I could see exactly where the warm reddish lavender needed to go.

How Joy’s Garden Came to Life

I painted it in, the brush dancing in my hand. Like signing my name, the calligraphy felt comfortable and effortless.

How could one color change the world so? I have wished for decades to feel the paint brush as comfortable as my pastels. My dream of oil paintings flowing as fluently as my pastels is real.

See the paintings that brought this dream to life>