Artist Residency Dinan, France

artist residency dinan france

Artist Residency in France en Plein Air

Artist Residency in Dinan, France

artist residency france
La Vignette artist’s cottage in Port de Dinan, France

For twenty years friends of the Musee de La Grande Vigne hosted artists in residency in Dinan, France.  I was fortunate to spend August of 2013 there with my husband.

I applied on a whim and it transformed my art and life. I began writing as a result; this blog, books, and teaching. This residency gave me an incubator to nurture new creative direction. And with it I discovered my passion.

artist residency france
View along the River Rance down the street from artist’s cottage.

Plein air painting in Provence, Brittany, and Paris was beyond my dreams. Paintings I made during my stay in France, as well as supplies, painting locations, and thoughts along the way, are included in my book, “Discovering Joy’s Garden.”    Learn More>

Download “Discovering Joy’s Garden”

Oil paintings I made during my residency helped me find new direction for my artistry and life. Precious time in this peaceful place allowed me to fuse ideas that had been rolling around in my head for years, misunderstood.

Paintings in my studio now ~ five years later ~ are an outgrowth of my time at this artist retreat.

Download “Discovering Joy’s Garden”

artist residency france

View along Rue du Jerzeul within walking distance of artist’s cottage. This cobbled stone street leads up under the city wall into Dinan.

Residency Program in Lehon

abbaye de lehon
Atteindre (Resching), oil wash and willow charcoal on linen, 30 x 24, Collection of Musee de La Grande Vigne, Dinan, France

Another artist residency program in Brittany is offered by the Maryland Institute College of Art. This program is located a 20-minute walk from Dinan, in the village of Léhon. We visited this wonderful little village, it’s ruins and Medieval Abbaye. In fact the abbaye courtyard was the inspiration for my painting that is now in the collection of Musee de La Grande Vigne.

How to Apply

artist residency france
Musee de La Grande Vigne sits atop the hill, former residence of artist Yvonne Jean-Haffen. Two-story stone studio cottage opens to the Port de Dinan on the River Rance. The cottage has two bedrooms upstairs and a studio, kitchen and bathroom downstairs.

The city of Dinan has closed applications to Americans as of 2016. Open only to their own French citizens, this residency is no longer the international residency it was when I visited.

This residency changed my life! It connected my to all the artists who have ever been fortunate to stay in that little “incubator” art cottage to pursue their artistry. It inspired me to create this website in 2013, and to now create the CreativSOUP Retreats.

Walking in the footsteps of Yvonne Jean-Haffen, I invite artists (and non-artists alike), to create an art retreat at my Art Cottage by the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. Or join me in Tuscany! For more information see Artist Retreats in Tuscany and Virginia>

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View from Cancale along the Emerald Coast, oil on linen, 24 x 30
View from Cancale along the Emerald Coast, oil on linen, 24 x 30

See the paintings I did in Dinan, Provence and Paris in my book, Discovering Joy’s Garden. 

Download “Discovering Joy’s Garden”