7 Ways to Nurture Your Creativity

Tuscan Village DIY Wall Art

Creativity CAN be Nurtured

7 ways to do it

Let your color genie out.

DIY Canvas Decor
Painting with acrylics, paint markers, or oils is fun with this bright Fiesta undertone. The bright Vermilion peeks out from between colors to pop snippets of vibrant energy into your finished painting ~ be sure not to cover it all up!
  1. Use Color Underpainting

This technique is one I’ve used since I first began painting. The colored canvas peeks out between the colors to give vibrancy and a foundation for the finished painting.

DIY Canvas Decor
Joyful Sundown is based on a watercolor painting I made during my Tuscan residency. Try using Lilac Gray for acrylics, oil, paint markers or pastels.

2.  Use Your Heart Colors  

To find out what your heart colors are, begin by selecting your favorite colors. Your heart knows which colors these are. Don’t listen to your head telling you what you SHOULD pick! Listen to your heart!

Hint: Think of grabbing your favorite color blouse so you’ll feel wrapped in fabulous all day. 
Tuscan Sunset
“Tramonto sul Oliveto” (Sunset on the Olive Grove) is the watercolor inspiration for the “Joyful Sundown” DIY CreativSOUP. It is featured in the CreativSOUP Coloring & Creativity Book as well.

3.  Take a Step Back   

As you paint each color, take time to step back and view your piece from across the room. It helps to have your palette set up across the room from your painting. That way you will not forget to walk away and see your painting from a distance!

Find my DIY Tuscan Landscape and Village Wall Art in

Coloring Poster French Landscape
Coloring Poster French Landscape

 CreativSOUP Studio

4.  Take Your Time & Breathe!  

Take a deep breath while you are across the room and feel how the colors are balanced on the canvas. Have a cup of tea and let the colors steep into your psyche. The momentary abandonment of what you thought you were doing will give your Creative Spirit an opening to insert inspiration in your flow.

Hint: This is the MOST IMPORTANT one ~ don’t skip it or save it for later. This one can change everything! Do it now! I spend as much time in the studio looking at my paintings as painting.
Tuscan Village DIY Wall Art
Tuscan Village “Villa Fiore” in Snorkle Blue, Fiesta Red, Lilac Gray, Limpit Shell or Black & White.

5.  Try Transparent Paint or Markers   

You can see in my inspiration painting for Villa Fiore (bottom pic), I used a white background with transparent watercolor. If you are using transparent paint or markers ~ thinly applied watercolors, acrylics, oils or gel pens ~  select one of the drawings on white or light gray paper.

French Village Coloring Canvas
French Village Coloring Canvas

6.  Try Opaque Paint or Markers

If you are using opaque paint or markers ~ heavily applied acrylics, paint markers, oils, pastels ~ try one of the colored canvas with contrasting lines. Imagine how your colors will look with the contrasting color peeking in between them! If you’ve never painted with opaque paint or markers, try it ~ it could change how you see the world!

Tuscan Village DIY Wall Art
Watercolor painting inspiration for “Villa Fiore”

7.  Try one of my DIY Tuscan Landscapes or Villages  

Mix and Match colors, images, and sizes to create your own unique wall art grouping with your own heart colors.

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