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“The Creator within showed me colors of the heart when an assailant’s knife silenced me… the Creator within works in all of us, attracting us to colors of the heart day by day.”

The Creator within amped up the volume for Dorothy Fagan with the slice of a knife. Refusing to admit even to herself, that he’d tried to kill her in her own studio ~ she fought back with everything she had. Raging colors, angular lines and forms struggled to find the delicate pastel landscapes she’d painted moments before it all changed. Path interruped? Or journey intensified?

Dorothy Fagan Stirs Dreams with Reality in Enlightening, Uplifting, Soul Searching Humor

In a Divinely guided CreativSOUP game of heart and soul, Dorothy Fagan spells out easy-to-understand artist stories. Profusely illustrated with her colorful paintings, each illustrated story snippet stirs the Creator within to speak clearly and imagination to flow.

Discover how she painted dark clouds out of her life. See how she was able to draw blooming flowers from fallow fields. Dorothy Fagan makes the Creator’s invitation to play irresistible ~ juxtaposing dreams, art, and interpretations with real life humor.

Book 1 Embrace the Mountain

“The end of my journey began with an acceptance letter in French. Musee de La Grande Vigne in Dinan, France offered me a one month residency in return for a painting for their permanent collection. In a Medieval town in Brittany, my studio would be in the oldest part where the Port of Dinan was first established in the twelfth century. I was to follow twenty years of artists from all over the world in the museum’s stone studio cottage on the River Rance.

“Friends and collectors were excited for me and purchased the paintings I would create in advance, gifting me the means and inspiration for my trip. I began writing a blog so they could watch as I painted in France. In the five years since, our relationships have grown deeper and propelled me to embrace my mountain.

“When the mountain blocked my vision in 1995, life became so dark that I gave all my canvases away and stopped painting. During those years I was invisible. At a party no one noticed me come and go. At work no one heard me speak.

“Yet the flame would not be extinguished. I would feel it as a yearning, an inexplicable urge to touch color, to pick up my paint brush again, to sing out loud. Yet in 2001 when I held the brush in my hand, I could no longer paint. My strokes were awkward, colors muddy. No longer at my fingertips were the paintings which had brought me acceptance into juried exhibitions at The Pastel Society of America, American Artist’s Professional League, Salmagundi Club, the Pastel Society of Canada and all the others.

“I would have to start again. Musee de La Grande Vigne was my window. This time I knew what it felt like to have a burning urge to create under the weight of the mountain. Mountains are not meant to be moved. Walk with me and I will share the paintings and stories that helped me embrace it.”

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