5 Paintings to Bring the Goddess Out of Your Mountain

Inspire, coax, encourage, embolden, console, energize & applaud your vivid colors . . .

The first painting I ever sold was a pastel landscape I painted in college. The abstract mountain stretched across 3 square pieces of paper. In it was a reclining woman, really! I’d painted her from a figure drawing class where we had a live model. In the painting, she was hidden under the mountain, you could hardly see her.

I’d forgotten all about this early painting until last week. Sketching a few dream scribbles in my journal, I saw a woman rise up out of the mountain landscape. OMG! It’s her! On the pages of my journal, I saw her at first just peeking over the mountain. Her heart, then coming together in the center, as she raises her wings like an angel taking flight.

dream journal sketches
Thumbnail sketches from my dream journal

I recognized her awkward moves, like a stick drawing in a flip book. Animated stop actions, step by step she finds her heart center, puts her hands together to pray, and rises up from the mountain her arms overhead. With this her heart opens causing sparkly stars to rain down from the Cobalt Blue heavens and fill her with energy, courage, resolve, and faith.

dream journal sketches
Sketches from my dream journal

In a flash, I knew I’d found my artistic voice ~ at last I could see the colors ~ brilliant Aquamarine, Deep Turquoise, juxtaposed with heart to heart Vermilion. Finally standing in Meadow Green fields, my fertile dream ~ suddenly real, no longer imaginary.

I’d lost her decades ago, or so I thought. As life dished up its challenges, my mountain grew. How could it happen so fast, after all this time? How could it suddenly disappear ~ and in its place a colorful goddess?

#1 Goddess in the Mountain

Goddess in the Mountain
Goddess in the Mountain, Purchase Info

At once. my paint brush leapt to hand, from reality to abstract. You can see her in the painting, vivid patterns and colors cloaking her body with vestments of a goddess. And her head rising like the sun above a gem-encrusted ridge.

Footprints in the landscape, the only sign she’d passed.

30 Paintings to Bring the Goddess Out of Your Mountain

I invite you to join me for 30 days of paintings as the goddess in the mountain unearths herself. As I paint them, I will send you one each day to inspire, coax, encourage, embolden, console, energize, and applaud the goddess out of your mountain.

Join me in the studio. I’ll share my vivid colors and open your heart to the heavens inside you ~ that you may shine, shine, shine.



Blooming Women ~ Let Your Creativity Out of the Box

Invite 6 Friends for coffee or a glass of wine & Let Your Creativity Out of the Box . . . Blooming Women

We all hide our creativity away in boxes ~ including me! Symbolic of how we box ourselves in, my Sketchbox Trunk Show is a fun and easy way to open your eyes and heart to your creative prowess ~ by simply sharing art and camaraderie with your friends and family.  I believe you’ll be delighted to see the one-of-a-kind surprises as you open each and every box.

follow your heartI will bring 6 to 8 Sketchboxes filled with my art fabrics, creativity retreats, imaginative design ideas for your nest, AND ORIGINAL, one-of-a-kind mixed media paintings. Sized from 6″ x 6″ to 16″ x 20″, these fresh and colorful paintings are priced from $100 to $850. They make great gifts and fit almost anywhere on an easel, shelf, or wall.

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Painting in Orvieto, Italy ~ Sunrise Flower Market

Blooming Women . . . Two women chatting quietly at the flower shop . . .

I saw these two in Orvieto, Italy. We were on our way home from Roma and stopped by Orvieto. What a delightful village! I love the artsy shoppes, pottery, wood crafts, flowers, dress shops. Wish we had more time.

Sunrise Flower Market Dorothy Fagan
Sunrise Flower Market, mixed media fusion on canvas panel, 16 x 12″

Painting in Orvieto, Italy

Experimenting with a limited palette of Raw Umber and Charcoal, the Pastel Rose, Lavender Gray, Verdigris and Ochre create a satisfying balance of serenity with fresh, invigorating blooms. I could see this painting on pale green or gray, lavender or blue, or even pale yellow walls.

Yet wouldn’t it look striking on a deep charcoal wall? or russet? or even deep ocean blue gray?

This small mixed media painting is the first in my new Sketchbox Trunk Show Series. Looking for a way to explore thumbnail pencil sketches in a larger, color format, I used willow charcoal and oil paint on a small (16″ x 12″) linen panel. Not every idea in my sketchbox can become a large painting. This new format gives me a chance to let some of my sketches out of the box.

Less that a full blown painting, more than a drawing ~ Sunrise Flower Market, is a one-of-a-kind hybrid original. It is created on a rigid canvas panel and sealed with satin varnish, sold unframed. It will fit a standard 16″ x 12″ frame, no glass required.

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