Embrace the Mountain Joy’s Garden

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Enraged by the thought that an ex-con on parole could walk into her studio and control the rest of her life ~ she grabbed a screaming Chartreuse Diane Townsend Terrages pastel filled with pumice, and tore into her gritty pastel page.

pastel landscape painting dorothy fagan
Alone in the Woods, pastel on sanded pastel paper, 1983

Gone were the delicate abstract landscapes with pastel colors laid side by side on soft white etching paper she’d been painting. Bound and gagged, she tore colors from her heart.

After the assault in her own studio in 1983 ~  she went in search of the lost artist. In search of reality, she began painting en plein air. Unspeakable fury, each stroke of color brought her momentary peace. Another wave of emotion, groping in the dark, color by color, year by year ~ the Creator’s Light grew brighter.

Radiant now, accepting the Creator’s gift of darkness, she is a beacon for Creativity. Using her art degree to heal from life threatening trauma was not what she thought she signed up for when she graduated from East Carolina University with a BFA in Printmaking and Painting.

In thirty years of painting she moved a mountain of raw emotion to create landscapes filled with dreams. As she began to see the Light, she experimented with her new found power to create a dream world on canvas and step into it. Her residency in France inspired her to begin writing about her process she calls creativSOUP.

“If I can lose my ability to paint, and grope in the dark for thirty years to scream something deep inside ~ that I have no idea what it is ~ anyone can. This beautiful world is filled with color. The Creator within us begs to be expressed, as the color of  peace within our hearts.”

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Step off the beaten path to explore the colorful landscapes, watery places, and vibrant gardens that have inspired colorist Dorothy Fagan’s art for 30 years. Discover your own personal signature style and colors as Dorothy demonstrates her CreativSOUP method in oils, watercolor, mixed media and pastels. See the Schedule

In her book, Embrace the Mountain Joy’s Garden . . .  Travel to France on a painting holiday. See color with an artist’s eye. Look over Dorothy Fagan’s shoulder as she paints colorful strokes of watercolor, oil paint, and mixed media in Provence, Gordes, Avignon, Pont du Gard, Arles, and St. Remy. Embrace inspiration as dreams and real life fuse with paint.

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